One to one tuition offers the opportunity to provide an alternative approach to the classroom environment.

For many students, the classroom is not an ideal situation to learn, problems of disruption and over populated classes create barriers to effective learning. Each student has different ways of learning and committing to paper the results of their studies.

My aim is too improve the confidence of the student and provide the skills necessary to achieve both in the classroom and in examinations. I work to form a rapport with the tutee which encourages them to feel able to ask questions and to have a positive input in the lesson. Every student has their own individual questions which help them progress their learning. I aim to identify the problems encountered by the student in their studies and solve them with patience and understanding.

In many cases schools do not give enough time to practising exam papers and teaching techniques to aid success. I supply past papers, teach how to approach individual questions and advise on time allocation. These papers are marked and discussed giving the student feedback as to their progress and the knowledge of how to correct their mistakes and gain higher grades.

I encourage students with special needs to develop their own coping mechanisms individually designed to improve the effect their particular learning disability has on their academic performance. This is done in conjunction with teaching regular methods used to improve their skills and achievement in the classroom and examinations. In my opinion every student has the ability to achieve in examinations and through private tuition I am able to use different methods and approaches and also allow the tutee to progress at their own pace.

I feel it is important to discuss the needs of the tutee with parents, and the prospective student before tuition commences. This enables me to focus on the problems being encountered and give a planned and hopefully enjoyable trial lesson which will demonstrate the advantages of online tuition.