Key Stage 2 French

Help and support with Ks3 French, providing the foundations for success at GCSE and for future acquisition of the language as good basic grammatical knowledge allows the student to build fluency.

GCSE French

Resources and exam practice to build knowledge of French grammar and vocabulary for the GCSE, and speaking and listening practice.

A level French

Students often struggle in the first year of A level French as there is a noticeable gap in the knowledge taught at GCSE and the requirements of the A level. I offer revision for basic structures and vocabulary to bridge the gap and enable competency in the language. I also provide continuous support through the A level to maintain good grammar, vocabulary and understanding to help achieve a high grade in the exam.

The speaking part of the exam causes anxiety as it is no longer the memorising of answers to questions required at GCSE. Students must be on their way to fluency, being able to construct on the spot as if in a natural conversation.

Reading, speaking and listening exam practice.

Also available: Conversation French, Business French